Problems during update of paid on XA2 running free Sailfish X

So today I decided that I wanted to support the further development of the Sailfish OS, and after playing with the free version for a couple of months, I bought the full version of the OS. I got into the Settings/Sailfish OS updates, got the confirmation that the version is available for download and, after creating a backup, I downloaded the update. After some time I was greeted by the message that there is not enough free space for the install as well as that I needed to remove some of the packages that might cause issues further down the line, during the installation process. So as a first step I tried to uninstall the first library in the list, which is glib2. Needless to say, that is really not a good idea, and the pkcon stopped me dead in the tracks (see images for details). So my question would be, how do I actually proceed with the update? I don’t really want to wipe the entire phone clean, even though I do have a valid backup (I hope, since the phone was also reporting issues with missing or write-protected memory card).
Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated.