Problem to boot recovery, device driver can't be installed

I plan to increase the root partition size on xa2 Ultra (Rokua) to ensure I can install the update to 3.4.
However, I do not manage to boot the recovery image.
The problem seems to be the device driver. In the device manager (Win 10) there are two devices displayed, “Android” and “MAP-MAS-SMS0”, but they both have no warning sign, but a question mark. If I try change driver and manually chose the driver linked by Jolla (for the xperia x, I think), nothing changes. If I start fastboot the only reaction is “waiting for any device” and nothing happens.
When I flashed the device first with SFOS this worked with the same driver and cable and usb plug.
What am I doing wrong?

Too new version of Windows, higher than 2004. Often mentioned already.
I am afraid you need to find a computer with lower version or a Linux one.

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Thank you for the information. I guess I will try to use an usb stick installation of Linux when I have a little spare time. This issue is very annoying.