Problem extending root LVM volume - Fastboot boot error

So, after a few problems with the drivers of the Xperia III on my computer, I was finally able to install Sailfish OS on my device.

Now, i’m following the guide of how to extend the root partition (LVM) and i have problems with the fastboot boot.
the command is not being recognized (from the error i’m assuming the problem is on the phone)

Anyone could enlight me on what could be the problem??

I notice you are sending boot.img and not the recovery image. You probably want hybris-recovery.img.

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thanks for the response.

i’ve copied to a new folder the hybris image and fastboot and tried again. Same result.

the “boot.img” of the response is the hybris i’m sending. they have the sme size:


Is the phone in fastboot mode??

Yes sir.

And recognized by the command “fastboot devices”

Have you read this
Booting into recovery seems a bit more complex for an Xperia 10 III than for earlier phones.
Why do you need to extend the root partition? On X10III you have enough space.

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Thanks @phklrz i didn’t read that.
And yes, it seems that it’s trickier than a normal fastboot.

Regarding the resizing, there are 4GB of space for root. I only installed a few local apps(nothing from android) and i already consumed half of it…
The question i have (I’m in the SFOS world) is: where the android apps are going to be installed.
Some of them take a lot space.
If they will be installed on the SD or the home area (not root) then i don’t need to extend the root.

That is indeed so. Everything Android gets installed to /home, except for Android Support itself.

Looking at Settings → Storage, if you click on ‘User data’ you can see that Android apps and data are stored in User Data not in System data. This is indeed a change compare to previous releases of SFOS.


Then it’s solved. I won’t extend.

Thanks @nephros and @phklrz for the assistance!

I don’t mean to be rude or gather attention or anything, but if i may - Xperia 10 III has (thanks to anyone whose idea this was) 4,7 gigs of space at root partition.

So, maybe, never needs to be extended.