Pretty Hostname in Swedish

Sorry, but i’m getting Google Tranlsate vibes from “vackert värdnamn”. I am definitely guilty of this from time to time myself, so i don’t mean to throw anyone under the bus, it just needs another look.
For computer teminology, “Pretty” is very often used to describe human-friendly, and this is the point here, but i have never seen “Vacker” mean anything but “Beautiful” really.

I’ll go fishing for a better way of expressing it; but until then here are some good synonyms in English that can hopefully spark some imagination:

  • human-friendly
  • human-readable
  • familiar

Hmmm, did this expression get removed?
The search is acting weird, so i can’t be sure it can be trusted.

Cross-linking to the German discussion..
I would say it was removed, but also not sure…

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