Predictive text input in web browser?

This is interesting, seems that the predictive text input is working almost everywhere, but not in the address bar of the native web browser application. Once the page is open, and the focus is on some text input field, it is working, no problem. Any particular reason for it? Just being curious, not missing it there actually.

My guess is that it’s not particularly useful in address fields, as those aren’t common words usually included in the dictionaries used by both the official and community predictive text mechanisms. I can see stuff like .tld being useful, but only moderately.

FWIW, my presage keyboard doesn’t work on browser address bar input either, so it’s not just the official Jolla predictive text. I poked through about:config to see if there were any options to enable predictive text in the urlbar, but I didn’t find anything.

I know this reply isn’t particularly helpful, but I thought I’d provide some perspective at least. If I come up with anything I’ll edit this post.

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Afaik the Keyboard has different modes. Password input, number input, text input. Those can be with or without prediction. Presumably it has been turned off for the address bar, because it doesn’t really provide any value and would be confusing rather than helpful.

If you look at the docs for the TextField component: Silica Reference Documentation - Sailfish OS
You can see that it has an URL only mode. The browser uses that here:

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Thanks for the reply KuroNeko. It makes sense to have it that way, of course. It was just a question, because some other OSes handle this differently, wasn’t sure if it was intentionally so, or not.

Thankyou so much KuroNeko! Now I can understand properly.

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