Post Open Source License for Sailfish OS

In 2020, Bruce Perens, one of the Pioneers in the Open Source and Free Software Movement, made an interesting proposal for a “Post Open Source” paradigm. The general motivation for this is to fix existing shortcomings of the Open Source Paradigm (especially negative economical and social impacts of existing Open Source business models). The new paradigm, that Perens suggests, is different from Open Source, but intended to coexist with the Open Source model. It includes concepts for fair monetization of developers. He made a longer presentation on YouTube ( and also made a draft of “Post Open Source License”: Post-Open Source License – Early Draft – Bruce Perens.

I have neither fully read through it nor am I a legal expert, but I think this approach is something that might fit quite well into the current business model for Sailfish OS. I even thhink that the regional partner licensing approach of Sailfish OS goes into the same direction. Is this the case? Could “Post Open Source” be a useful approach for Sailfish OS?