Position does not update in Magic Earth

Recently, I have been having a problem with Magic Earth, under, with the official Jolla Android Support.

After getting the first location fix, the GPS position does not update while I move but stays stuck in the same location as when I first opened the app.

The location updates correctly in other Android apps, e.g., maps.google.com under Firefox / Fennec.

It seems to me that the problem started when I updated MicroG to 0.2.28, which includes an overhaul of the location stack. Unfortunately I cannot fix this by downgrading; when I try downgrading to 0.2.27 using F-Droid I encounter an error.

Does anyone have the same problem, or similar ones? Do you have any suggestions to diagnose the cause or fix the problem? Thanks!

I have the same problem with microG 0.2.27 on my XA2 (once I’ve got the gps fix).
On the other hand, with my X10III on android 12, magic earth freezes at start.

Thanks! Note that GPS/Location not working for Android apps might be related, but the symptoms seem different in my case.