Port possible based on A12 / A13?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
I have a question: so far I have only used SFOS (FP2 - is too slow for me now, Xperia 10 - the missing echo cancellation annoys me), but I have never tried a port. Now I have a Fairphone 4 lying here with me and wondered if it is possible to develop a port for it. So far there are unofficial LOS 19 and 20 and especially CalyxOS, which of course builds on A13 AOSP (probably there are also the sources of A12).
The HADK only talks about A10 and A11 (Xperia 10 III).
So the question is: am I right in assuming that A12 and A13 are too new for ports?

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I think it would be worth looking at how the F(x)tec Pro¹’s port has been build, using Halium: Sailfish Community News, 1st December, Pine Logs

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Sorry for my late reply and thanks for your answer!

Yes, maybe that might be an option, I’ll have a deeper look into this!

I just realized that my grammar leaves a lot to be desired at the last day of the year. I’ll better wait until next year to tackle it. :smiley: