[poll] Storeman Icon #2

@JSEHV has proposed a new icon for Storeman. I think that the community should decide to accept it or not. So, please, take a part in the poll!


Just a remark. Both the new and old icons have sharp corners at the bottom which is not in line -shape wise- with the proposed Jolla icon templates.

In case you care about stuff like that.

are you sure? I see quite a bunch with sharp corners. Just a Google search for Jolla Icon template.

The icons you posted have (slightly) rounded corners. They are not perfectly sharp.

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now that you point me there: Yes true (but not many seem to care in openrepos).
((Personally, I find these shapes not a great idea. They don’t help in finding my stuff and I don’t see any system of organization)).


The old icon is nice, the new icon is even more nice, but it could make use of more contrast or black outlines in the box. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the voting! The majority decided to change the icon: