Polish Sailfish OS localisation corrections & suggestions

I’ve submitted 254 suggestions to the existing Polish Saiflish OS localisation, mostly correcting existing typos, wrong or misleading translations, bad grammar or syntax, as well as some suggestions of mine which I consider simply sounding better or being more comprehensible to typical Polish users.

It would be great if someone who has the power to do so could review them so that at least some of them could make their way to some of the upcoming OS updates. Especially cases of wrong translations, like e.g. misleading “Show my caller ID” (which means “Show MY number to the person I call”) erroneously translated as “Pokaż ID dzwoniącego” (i.e. “Show ID of the caller”) and quite many similar mistakes (like e.g. “Development” in the meaning of “Programming”) translated multiple times as “Rozwój” or amusing words like “Wy-ekstra-huj” :slight_smile: (while much better and common word “Wyodrębnij” exists) should be corrected ASAP.


Thanks, I will check it

Thank you!

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