Polish article about Russia plans for their own system

Hey, found this article, what’s interesting is this sentence:

Nie bez przyczyny Rosjanie wzorowali się na fińskim systemie. Umożliwia on firmom oraz rządowym instytucjom monitorowanie pracowników oraz zdalne zarządzanie ich smartfonami. Administratorzy mogą wykorzystywać go do automatycznego aktualizowania urządzeń podwładnych, ustawienia haseł i śledzenia ruchów pracowników.

Translation using DeepL:

The Russians modeled the Finnish system for a reason. It allows
companies and government institutions to monitor employees and
remotely manage their smartphones. Administrators can use
it to automatically update subordinates’ devices, set
passwords and track employees’ movements.

Source: Aurora, Ayya, Mir... Klęska Rosji w kopiowaniu Zachodu - rp.pl

So it kinds of put SFOS in bad light.


No news there. That’s what MDM is.


@lolek here you have more details about MDM MDM Framework - Sailfish OS

After reading this article, I must say that the author did not even prepare to write it.
There is a lot of false information in this article. Both about Aurora and the GLONASS system


@attah @atlochowski yes, but the way the article is written could make people think that’s it SFOS that allows tracking and now MDM itself.

Well, that is a “fault” of the journalist and not Jolla / Apple / Android / MDM.


Agree, I wonder if those journalists know that in corporates MDM is a standard, it’s not that Russians are the only looking into it. It’s all to make fuzz about it

Its a feature. Nothing weird here.

you mean the light of Google and Apple (and until some time ago Microsoft)?

never trust a word from Poles towards Russians

they have a centuries old hatred toward Russia in general
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What you wrote is bullshit.
I am writing this as a Pole.


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