Policycorutils: [licensing/ copyright] mention Fedora as upstream of selinux-autorelabel* files

copied over from licensing/ copyright: mention Fedora as upstream of selinux-autorelabel* files (#1) · Issues · mer-core / policycoreutils · GitLab to save it from being shut down

Hi, First of all: Congratulations on finally moving on with SElinux integration. I’m the intern who started packaging all the SElinux infrastructure back in 2018.

While revisiting this package, I encountered that the selinux-autorelabel* script + support files were not entirely created by myself but just adapted to Sailfish OS. They’re also not part of the official SElinux-project sources but introduced by Fedora. Their packaging seems to be the upstream.

So the original authors should probably be credited, I want to apologise for forgetting to do so. While the linked upstream repo does not specify a license directly, I suppose that their support scripts and files are under the same license as their spec files which is the MIT license according to their contributor agreement.