Please update MLS Positioning data packages in Jolla Store

The MLS offline location packages in Jolla Store, for instance “Positioning - Southern Europe”, are almost 2 years old now; they were last updated in May 2021.

Could Jolla please update them? As far as I understand, it is as simple as running a couple of commands to download the new database from Mozilla and publish the update on the store, so maybe it is something that Jolla could do more frequently in a semi-automated fashion.


It seems to be done already in the repos, together with a format change.
Maybe @dsuni has some more info on how it’s going w.r.t. publishing it?

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I switched to MLS Manager (in Chum). It claims to make weekly updates available (until Jolla makes the same).


But also these are outdated, no update of the actual data since February.

Better than 2021, though (see original post). You can ping the app. author to rerun the script on his server for March versions. Perhaps more chance for that than with Jolla Store.


Being a couple of weeks outdated is fine, these tower IDs don’t change that rapidly. Not at a rate that it’s likely you’ll notice.