Please save the OnePlus One (bacon) from becoming deprecated

Dear porters,

Please look into porting SFOS4 to the good old OnePlus One (bacon).

The phone is working brilliantly under SFOS 3.4. However, the current porter, @wdehoog, mentioned he was unable to continue working on this project in part because the current image is built on kernel 3.4.67 (based on CM12.1) whereas SFOS4 would require a more recent kernel version (citation: Sailfish OS for OnePlus One | Page 138 - OnePlus Community).

Nevertheless, as boosterjuan pointed out on that same OnePlus forum, there actually is a newer kernel for bacon available here: GitHub - erorcun/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974-3.10: 3.10 kernel for Bacon running CM. Also perhaps a more recent version of LineageOS (lineageosroms [dot] com [slash] bacon) might be helpful?

On a personal note, I would hate to see the OnePlus One becoming obsolete. It is still great hardware and @wdehoog’s adaptation left nothing to be desired. On top of that, it seems like this device is still pretty popular. Thus, quite a bunch of people might be really happy about a future perspective for their good old OnePlus One.

So, please please please port SFOS4 to bacon!!!

P.S. I could not add links at liberty. Therefore, I had to improvise. Sorry about that.