Please make native SFOS forum reader app!

Please make a native SF forum reader app !

It would be very fine to access the Sailfish Forum with a specially designed app for this and not with the SFOS browser. On laptop/desktop computer everything is fine, but on SF (or every) smartphone, there is to deal with the small screen.

My idea or wishlist is:

  1. native app for this forum without need to start the browser
  2. Automatic login at app launch, all login action with account.jolla… in the background without user interaction and/or loading any pages.
  3. username & password optionally from the phones Jolla account or free selectable, but always stored by the app so that no input of cred’s is necessary on startup.
  4. no address input field on the bottom and smaller top title bar, so screen area for reading remains bigger.

Please comment!

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like this


That and its sister app Discourser.


Discourser | — Community Repository System

The difference between SFOS Forum Viewer and Discourser is:

Discourser is the “generic browser for any discourse forum”, SFOS Forum Viewer is SFOS forum specific so can have tweaks custom for it (and also login support at some point in the future).


Never replace what can be done well with a browser with an app.

We’ll just end up with more things that are app-only for no good reason if people keep expecting this.


Hello @Seven.of.nine

there were two apps like that for the Together Jolla forum:

Maybe they could just be updated and changed to :slight_smile:


I saw right now that browser is able to store the username & password of Jolla account, so I don’t have to enter it every time on login. I did not know that browser has a password manager until now. So problem is solved.