Please make a "System Restore" function

It would really be fine to have a “system restore” function, that reinstalls the system new by downloading and installing everything new from Jolla server.

Abt. 3 weeks ago I had damaged the SFOS system by some experiments, and tried to reinstall by Settings/Updates. But no chance, updater said phone is up to date and did nothing.

So I switched hopefully to early access in Jolla account, and fortunately there was SFOS available. Now the phone did update, and after updating it works fine again.

Without this good luck, my phone would remain damaged till the next update time…

So please add such a “system repair” function to SFOS, that restores the system even if there is no newer system available than the current installed one. Enabling this function by CLI command in devel-su mode is OK, no need for this to work in the ‘normal’ GUI.

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sfos-update --verify mostly does what you seem to want, just read its documentation (i.e., the whole web-page).


Yes, that’s what I wanted.
Thank you very much!

Well, then please close this thread as answered.

Although mind that, if you broke your SailfishOS installation by installing broken community RPMs, which are substituting system RPMs, sfos-update --verify cannot fix this, because the broken RPMs (must) carry higher version numbers than the original ones.
But this can be easily resolved by a SailfishOS upgrade at the GUI (per Settings app) on SailfishOS ≥ 3.4.0 (on older SFOS releases one has to manually track down offending RPMs and their repositories to uninstall and disable them).


Can find no way to do so… This is not a bug report with a ‘solution’ checkmark but only a normal thread in feature requests category.

Dear @olf. Thank you for cheering us up with one more polite request with that well known warm and comforting attitude. Beeing kind has been taken to a new level.

Sorry, I am still too “new” to the new forum, obviously.
@Seven.of.nine, thanks for checking.

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