Please make a setting to adjust touchscreen sensitivity

I noticed that there is a setting on my murena os (/e/ is a really stupid name) tablet to enable higher sensitivity to use with gloves and it worked perfectly with my cheap touchscreen gloves, unlike on xperia 10III. It’s been very cold in Finland and my fingers freeze the second gloves come off, I’m sure Jolla staff knows this pain.

Based on this thread Touchscreen sensitivity with screen protector? I assume there is no workaround? I would also like to point out that higher sensitivity would be nice on privacy screen protectors, regardless if they protect much from scratches. Some people also have different ways and force of touch, so it would also be a great accessability feature. I also understand that this is propably not be a priority for Jolla. But can’t hurt to ask?

There is a workaround… use your nose. As a Swede, I live under the same conditions as Finns, and I actually use this trick from time to time.
Please take my post with a bit of self-distance and humor. :wink:


I tried using my nose and it’s actually surprisingly accurate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: however I think that outside snot from cold would hinder the use of nose, or any other body part.


There’s no such assumption to be gained from that thread.

Assuming it’s a kernel driver, one would need to find out which first (most are configurable) but lsmod gives nothing!

But there is /sys/touchscreen/link_input_dev with tons of files that might prove helpful.

I meant assume in a sense that it is older thread and no one had an answer, not in sense that I think that it’s impossible. But thanks, I will have a look there, though I won’t have much idea what I’m doing.