Please add support to privacy friendly services

The current list of supported accounts is very short. Sailfish OS supposed to be a privacy oriented system yet very few privacy oriented services are supported by the OS.
Adding support for matrix, Telegram, ActivityPub (e.g. Mastodon) and Proton (Mail, VPN, Cloud) would be a requirement to use my phone as an actual smart phone, accessing various online services.

There are already third-party apps for some(most?) of those. What’s the problem with using them?
Jolla hardly has resources to maintain account plugins for dozens of services nowadays.

I can’t find any native apps for them, only Android apps. Which aren’t native enough, since they don’t integrate into the system as expected. Also what’s the point of using SFOS if I need to use Android apps for everything?

Edit: Also that’s what I’m expecting from a smartphone: being able to log in to accounts directly and using them with a nice integrated UX.

There are at least Whisperfish, Sailtrix, Konheko and Hydrogen for Matrix. Fernschreiber for Telegram.
For Proton, you obviously can’t expect a single app. Surely VPN just works.

That indeed defeats the purpose. It’s just a last-resort to make it easier for regular people.

Ugh. Remember you are using mostly open software on a shoestring budget. Maybe consider contributing to making it better even?

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Unofficial, community made clients are usually very poor quality but I will give them a try. But so far I never met with a high quality native app besides the ones made by Jolla itself.

I would definitely contribute but I don’t have the skills to do that. So all I can do is to complain for things I miss or don’t like.

Gee, thanks.
Welcome to open source - that’s what you have to work with.
For all the basic and half-finished things, there are also those that are just miles better than anything official.

Well, then please try to be constructive, realistic, and unroll the Android-normativity.


From my perspective comparing sfos with every other “alternative” OS is the proper way to evaluate it. For example compared to Ubuntu touch, postmarketOS, Leste, Nemo, Mobian etc sailfish feels like a miracle to me, like it’s 10 years ahead of the competition.

On the flip side, comparing it to iOS/android with typical modern smartphone use, then it feels like it’s beyond garbage.

I like to see the glass half full here and compare apples to apples (pun not intended).
What I’m trying to say is that if you expect to see sailfish (and it’s apps) perform as any other popular OS, you will be disappointed.

Just my 2c as another “every-day” basic smartphone user.


Also what’s the point of using SFOS if I need to use Android apps for everything?

For me it’s still the great UI and multitasking. Just curious, why do you choose SFOS in the first place?

I don’t mind using Android applications as long as all the messages and emails arrive with a push, beep and a bright shining led. :sunglasses:

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The UI is nice indeed but it would be even nicer if services would integrated into the UX too. Currently it’s not happening. I’m using an Xperia as a secondary phone besides my iPhone and I bought that phone back then specifically to try Sailfish X on it. I haven’t used SFOS in the last 1,5 years and I desiced to give it a try but it seems like that basically nothing changed since.

In my case the purpose is that I can use Android apps without the Android bloatware.
Not everybody has the same needs that you have.

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That’s fair but I’d prefer using native apps.

You could always ask the creators of these services to port their apps to Sailfish as native apps, but don’t hold your breath while waiting for that to happen.


Although ActivityPub apps are hardly privacy friendly, I maintain tooter which is a native mastodon client. It’s missing some must haves (no delete/edit past toots, for instance) but there’s a lot of in progress work. It’s available in the Jolla store and in chum.

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