Please add name day to People app

In some countries people celebrates name day.

Can you add “Name day” to “Add date” in People app?


Aren’t Name Days name-specific, not people specific? So, shouldn’t it be a calendar rather than a contact entry?

Issue in Finland, for example is, that name day calendars (ICS) are not allowed since a university owns the copyright for the name day calendar (really super weird how anyone can have copyright over such thing, but so it goes).

The University of Helsinki owns the copyright to the name day lists it compiles, including name day lists for both the Finnish- and Swedish-speaking populations as well as lists for cats, dogs and horses.

So at least here, you can only create an ICS calendar for the next two weeks of name days.

Name day information is free to publish online as long as the websites publish no more than two weeks of name day information or no more than 15 names from the list in alphabetical order at a time.

Edit: Of course if the calendar is just for your personal use, you can have as many names as you have contacts. You just can’t publish it.

I suppose you could handle it like that, but it seems like an easy implementation to add a field to the ‘People’ app. Even though they’re not very popular in the U.S., my family celebrates name days.

Is it possible to also ‘force’ info like this into a contact card by importing a custom VCF file?

They would also be country specific, so an entry on individual contacts makes more sense.

Yes, just like for Birthday, but without year