Please add feature to phone app: call mute rules

I often get calls from unknown numbers, e.g. unwanted commercials, ping calls, people who dialled the wrong number and so on. Extra unpleasing is, if this happens at 3 am.

So I would like to have a filter rule for numbers, the telephone will not ring, and please also not turns on the display.

Suggestions for such a filter / filter rules:

Numbers not in the phonebook
Country codes of some foreign countries (+ list of country codes)
Country codes of all foreign countries
Special numbers (+ list of numbers)
Anonymous calls, that do not send the callers number

Every item with a switch on/off and a general switch to enable/disable the filtering.

EDIT: plus an extra list of the filtered calls, to check them later.


And I could also flag all my friends who cannot get used to the fact that I have a daytime job.

Since 25 years. :slight_smile:

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Try using Phonehook (in openrepos, I’ve build an aarch package there too) where you can block numbers or a range of numbers based on a filter.
In their GitHub, I’ve suggested a workaround to compile the program without having the overlay show on every call if you only care about blocking numbers. I use it and it works surprisingly fine.


thanks for the awesome information.

I must confess that back in the day, my phone could automatically forward selected numbers to either
a) Dial a Prayer
b) the VD clinic helpline
c) the callers number, so they always got an engaged signal
d) a number that has the message “this number is no longer in service”

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