Plea for official statement from Jolla

From bad to worse. How much percentage of former Daimler AG (now Mercedes Benz Group) is own by chinese companies, backed by Chinese state? 10 -16 Percent? Include Kuwait also, which is in big debt to China. When China will invade Taiwan we will have the same discussion. I wonder what will be Daimler contribution to the development of the Sailfish OS.

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A simple request for information about the current board of directors and ownership flagged as inappropriate, abusive and offensive, and hidden? Where am I? And what’s there to hide? Normally, you can find such information on a company’s official website, and here you can’t even ask for it? Amazing.

I insist that someone points me to that (up-do-date) information. Please.


the flaging in that thread is really childish


Thank you Samuli Simojoki! To me this is satisfying information sofar. It would be nice hearing from the company now and then. I think it is a good idea, being involved in the car industry, because EV’s should not be driven by Google alone. Hopefully this will bring revenues so the OS can be improved too.


@WT.Sane Here are the numbers: Shareholder Structure | Mercedes-Benz Group > Investors > Share > Shareholder Structure
BAIC group - 9,98%
Tenaciou3 Prospect Investment Ltd - 9,96%
Kuwait Investment Authority - 6,84%

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I’ll try to translate this to the best of my capabilities:

Putinin hyökkäys Ukrainaan pakottaa meistä jokaista arvioimaan omaa toimintaansa suhteessa Venäjään. Yksi harkinnan paikka itselleni on Jolla Oy, jossa toimin hallituksen riippumattomana jäsenenä ja puheenjohtajana. Jollalle on vuosien varrella kehittynyt tilanne, jossa yhtiön suurin omistaja, ei kuitenkaan enemmistöomistaja, on epäsuorasti Rostelecom. Rostelecom taas on venäläinen pörssiyhtiö, josta Venäjän valtio omistaa noin 45 %. Olisi helppoa todeta, että ei halua toimia yhtiössä, jossa on näin merkittävää Venäjän valtion epäsuoraa omistusta.

Putin’s attack in Ukraine forces all of us to evaluate our own actions towards Russia. One evaluation for myself has been Jolla, where I have been independent board member and the chairman of the board. Over the years Jolla developed itself into a situation where company’s largest owner, however not the majority owner, has been indirectly Rostelecom. Rostelecom is Russian publicly traded company, where Russian state owns about 45% of it. It would be easy to just say that you do not want to work with a company which has such a huge indirect Russian state ownership.

Jolla on jo pidempään etsinyt omistusjärjestelyä, jossa yhtiöön löytyisi tasapainoinen omistusrakenne ja venäläinen omistus laskisi merkittävästi pienemmäksi. Kansainvälinen investointipankki on ollut mukana edistämässä järjestelyä. Nyt uudessa tilanteessa on selvää, että yhtiöllä ei ole tulevaisuutta ilman, että venäläisestä omistuksesta irtaudutaan kokonaan. Yhtiö ponnistelee löytääkseen omistusjärjestelyn, jolla tämä voidaan toteuttaa.

For a significant period of time, Jolla has looked for a stable ownership structure where Russian ownership would be significantly lower. International investment bank has been a part of making this into reality. But in this new situation it’s clear that the company has no future with any Russian ownership. Company is seriously making an effort to find an ownership structure that would make this happen.

Jolla Oy on ajanut Venäjän liiketoiminnan aktiivisesti alas jo vuoden 2021 aikana ja sille ei kerry mitään liikevaihtoa Venäjältä. Ainoa sidos on siis omistus. Yhtiöllä on todella mielenkiintoisia liiketoiminta-avauksia niin automotive-sektorilla kuin käyttöjärjestelmäsektorilla. Useammasta Euroopan maasta on indikoitu jo pitkään, että ne ryhtyisivät yhteistyöhön viipymättä kun omistusrakenne saadaan oikaistua. Yhtiöllä on jatkuva ja positiivinen dialogi Suomen valtion edustajien kanssa näistä teemoista. Jolla Oy:n yksi tärkeä kumppani on Daimler, ja Jollan hallituksessa on myös Daimlerin edustaja. Meillä on ollut viime päivinä jatkuva vuoropuhelu Daimlerin kanssa tilanteesta, ja Daimlerin edustus hallituksessa säilyy.

Jolla has been actively shutting down it’s Russian business during 2021 (NOTE: wording indicates that it’s still ongoing) and company does not generate any revenue from Russia. Only relation to Russia is ownership. Company has really interesting business opportunities in automotive and operating system sectors. For a long period of time parties from many European countries have indicated that they would partner with Jolla after the ownership has been sorted out. Company has continuous and positive dialog with Finnish state representatives about these themes. One of the important partners of Jolla is Daimler and Daimler has a member in Jolla’s board of directors. Last couple of days we have had continuous dialog with Daimler about the situation and Daimler’s representatives continue to be part of Jolla’s board.

Tavoitteena on siis pelastaa firma edellä kuvatulla omistusjärjestelyllä. Jolla Oy on hieno suomalainen yhtiö, joka omalta osaltaan ylläpitää suomalaista osaamista käyttöjärjestelmäkentällä ja jolla voisi olla edessään hieno tulevaisuus. Jolla Oy:n hallituksen jäsenenä ajan Jollan intressiä enkä Jollan omistajien intressiä. Siksi aion toistaiseksi jatkaa yhtiön hallituksessa ja yrittää omalta osaltani auttaa yhtiön pelastamisessa hankalasta tilanteesta. Näen, että se on vastuullinen tapa toimia.

Goal is to safe the firm with ownership structure mentioned above. Jolla is a great Finnish company, which upholds Finnish knowledge in developing operating systems and Jolla could have a great future a head of it. As the chairman of Jolla’s board of directors, I will further Jolla’s interests - not it’s owners. For that reason I will still continue as a member of the board and try help Jolla to get out of this difficult situation. I see this as a responsible way to handle the situation.

As said. Not perfect, but I tried to capture the intention.


I disagree with the statement that Daimler as owner would be worse.

To the contrary, I would like to see Jolla become for OS what Here is for maps, with other co-owners like Here has.

Better than Android auto.


I was thinking of applying for a Job (I’ve been self-employed WAY too long) at Mbition, in Berlin. Mercedes is doing Yocto and QT stuff.

But, then, I thought to myself, ‘maybe you should go work for Jolla’ :wink:

Ah, I’m way to old :slight_smile:


I agree with you, but instead of Here I would prefer MagicEarth for Maps. It has zero trackers.

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Thank you for this translation!

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I would prefer Open Street Maps / Open Topo Maps.

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If Jolla becomes active into automotive things, I hope they will not keep the same GPS management :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiley: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: No sarcasm, please believe me, this is ment like brotherhood humour.
→ I know they are analysing and searching solutions for this atm.


MagicEarth is based op OpenStreetMaps. It works fine, also offline, very reliable and fast t.b.t.navigation. No tracking. Available at Aurora Store (FDroid).


My hope is that GPS will work on the 10 III. Until then I use my old ipad mini cellular, offline, without mobile connection.

Once one goes down the rabbit hole and one starts to decide whom one will allow as an investor based on some arbitrary moral codex, the list starts to get very small. Capital, by definition moves to where it can earn a return (in theory the best return) and at this moment in time, a lot of countries which might rightly appear on this list as determined by the arbitrary moral codex have a lot of capital.

This is a losing game. The only way to win is not to play.

Russian ownership moving forward will, at least for a while, become problematic for technical reasons as much as the moral optics. Finding a structure less dependent on the Russian state makes good sense on economic grounds.

The whole moral argument is specious, cheap sophistry.

Here is a pile of festering parrot droppings now. It is so broken, that it is almost unusable.

This is sad, because it was a pretty good App before, and they broke it in a massive way

I’m sure it will.
But other small bugs are to expect, I guess.
“I like it like that…” :musical_keyboard:

I get it. People shooting back at invaders are committing mass murder. I would love to discuss that logic further if the circumstances weren’t that tragic.
As always the whole world is wrong, of course, only the conspiracy theorists and Putin guys are always right.


I would appreciate it if both sides did this: xkcd: Thumb War