Plea for official statement from Jolla

Thank you for this translation!

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I would prefer Open Street Maps / Open Topo Maps.

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If Jolla becomes active into automotive things, I hope they will not keep the same GPS management :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :smiley: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: No sarcasm, please believe me, this is ment like brotherhood humour.
→ I know they are analysing and searching solutions for this atm.


MagicEarth is based op OpenStreetMaps. It works fine, also offline, very reliable and fast t.b.t.navigation. No tracking. Available at Aurora Store (FDroid).


My hope is that GPS will work on the 10 III. Until then I use my old ipad mini cellular, offline, without mobile connection.

Once one goes down the rabbit hole and one starts to decide whom one will allow as an investor based on some arbitrary moral codex, the list starts to get very small. Capital, by definition moves to where it can earn a return (in theory the best return) and at this moment in time, a lot of countries which might rightly appear on this list as determined by the arbitrary moral codex have a lot of capital.

This is a losing game. The only way to win is not to play.

Russian ownership moving forward will, at least for a while, become problematic for technical reasons as much as the moral optics. Finding a structure less dependent on the Russian state makes good sense on economic grounds.

The whole moral argument is specious, cheap sophistry.

Here is a pile of festering parrot droppings now. It is so broken, that it is almost unusable.

This is sad, because it was a pretty good App before, and they broke it in a massive way

I’m sure it will.
But other small bugs are to expect, I guess.
“I like it like that…” :musical_keyboard:

I get it. People shooting back at invaders are committing mass murder. I would love to discuss that logic further if the circumstances weren’t that tragic.
As always the whole world is wrong, of course, only the conspiracy theorists and Putin guys are always right.


I would appreciate it if both sides did this: xkcd: Thumb War


Please, stop it. It’s off topic now. This thread should be IMHO closed.


I’m really sorry for all this off-topic talk. It’s just that it’s hard to stand by while all this is happening and letting all this misinformation unchallenged feels like the wrong thing to do in this situation.


Don’t feed the troll they say :wink:


my 2 cents:
everybody has a right for an opinion.
it is always difficult to say where truth is
that being said, consider that all other countries in the world (afaik) asked for the Russian army to depart from Ukraine. Plus many Russians too.
Then, this is the role of independent institutions like the UN (where RUS has a permanent seat) to see what the Ukraine government is doing in Dombass or other parts and make sure that no civil rights are denied.
This is not perfect solution but at least better than a war where civilians are paying often with their life.


I always viewed this partnership/ownership as problematic not because of moral issues but simply because Russia is so associated with surveillance and control. Precisely the thing we’re trying to avoid as users, otherwise there are other great operating systems out there. So at the very least, this partnership kind of undermines the image Jolla is trying to project. Would be much better of and “trustable” without it.


and back on subject, the stance of jolla had some press coverage


I do not know that relationship details, but it was the only way to keep jolla alive then.

Can we please agree that both sides are at fault! War is never a solution, and while Putin has his points with some neofacists on the Ukrainian side the other side does also consists partly out of ultranational Russian’s, which is better by no means. I hardly believe either sides people are supporting their governments in this actions.
However, it is surely wrong to attack an entire, independent country only because of some racists fighting some racists - this is rather because of Putins obsession for the Kiew Rus, and, honestly, the entire developed world is isolating Russia for this step and that also really hurts because all Russians (but also all Ukranians) I got to know were all beautiful people:(


Sad to say but only in hardship times people are forced to throw off the masks. It were better we always communicate mask-less.
How to communicate with a person who believes in lies and tries to enslave you and kills you, at the same time telling he liberates you? Persuade by force him back? Or how?

This is rhetorical question. Thanks for everybody who wrote here their thoughts.

More press coverage on German media: