Pizza, Jolla e Mandolino: the Italy-related Android apps thread

Just wanted to report that the Ho-Mobile application works perfectly even without microg or similar, xa2 here

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For the non-Italian readers: that’s an Italian mobile network operator, what were you thinking?

Would you like a scwheppes just me and you?

Scwheppes, what were you thinking?

A fun report: Junker app, the one for rycling that’s useful, works ok with MicroG, but doesn’t with the actual google services!


@fph When you report “Works with Google Services”, what did you do to get the Google Services into the SailfishOS Android runtime?
(was it e.g. with nemishkor’s

I don’t have Google Services installed myself. Those are just reports from the experience of other users; follow the link to see their original posts.

Salgo app (tickets and bus stops infos) doesn’t report the position, and actually, it doesn’t work with GMS installed (via script). But YES with MicroG setup.
Intesa San Paolo latest version works PERFECT with GMS installed but has issues with MicroG (security reports not clean ROM)
Junker app (for recycling) shows an empty map ( error xamarin.forms.googlemaps) with GMS but works with MicroG.
Google Maps works perfect with GMS and MICROg but on GMS cannot locate you…
Well… what a mess :smiley:

If you want to locate you in Google Maps I did this steps:

  • Enable GPS
  • Open Google Maps and then close it
  • Open Pure Maps on Sailfish OS and wait until it can locate you, then close it
  • Open Google Maps again and tap to the finder icon in order to locate you

For me this (odd) trick worked.

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