Pinephone Questions

Hello all,

As mentioned in the subject, I have a few questions about the Pinephone.
I hope they can be answered here. First of all, thank you for the great development of the OS.I have already tried out a few OS and there is almost no one that can match the feel and look.

But now my questions :slight_smile:

Is the Pinephone a supported device or a community device?
The question is about whether it runs in the normal update cycle or needs manual intervention.

Do the following things work or is development in progress there?

  1. camera
  2. GPS
  3. SD card
  4. SMS / Call
  5. Volume Control

are there any patches for the Pinephone via Terminal or Storeman?

Many thanks in advance for your answers


SFOS on Pinephone is a community port.
More details can be found on the Pine64 Pinephone forum.

This posts mentions:

almost everything works except: camera, email, GPS.    
Still no way to unlock the SIM.

It’s a community device. The port is from Adam Piggz. I just asked and he stated everyting but camera ‘should’ work. It seems to be a work in progress.

UPDATE: and someone beat me to it:)