Pinephone Pro Image Builder

Dear All,

I could find GitHub - sailfish-on-dontbeevil/pinephonepro-image-maker. Thanks to @piggz and it says
“Copy the file sfe-pinephonepro-XXXXXX.tar.bz2 obtained from the CI build Pipelines · sailfishos-porters-ci / dont_be_evil-ci · GitLab
into the folder and run”

However, I could not find any file named sfe-pinephonepro* there. Any pointer would be helpful.

Download the PPP from the pipeline and unzip it. The sfe-foo tarball is within.


Thank you. I got it. :slight_smile:

thanks @nephros for jumping in

Thank you, @piggz and @nephros. I could install emmc.img. However, now I am having a small issue. On boot every time it ask for if I want to encrypt or not. If an I give “yes” or “no”, it does not matter, it says an error - Failed to setup the filesystem. This suggests and error in device adaptation. Please contact the porter of the device.

If I enable developer options and say Quit, it goes to login and works fine. Not sure if it is ok or do I need to do anything from my side.

this is the sfos on PP telegram group, you can get better info there


@defactofactotum Let me check. Currently, I don’t have a telegram account. I prefer matrix. Anyway, let me see. Thank you for this pointer

Do we have telegram application in jolla store?i could not find.

Did you try search for ‘telegram’? There is at least one in Jolla Store, and one more at OpenRepos


@eson, I tried searching in Jolla and Chum on my Pinephone Pro. I do remember seeing the client when I was using Aquafish sometime back. Maybe I missed some settings here.

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there are several telegram clients, I use Fernschreiber.

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Thanks. I got that installed on my phone. However, I am not getting the phone code to log in. I will check it out. Thanks again.

It is working now. It seems that in overlay folder is not running properly. Downloading and running that file manually removed the issue of asking encryption everytime.