PinePhone Pro Adaptation with SailFishOS 4 with VoLTE

Any plans, or projects regarding adapting PinePhone Pro phone; or having SailFish OS ported to be used with PinePhone Pro?

'PinePhone Pro Software Releases’ page lists ‘Nemo Mobile’ as " Nemo Mobile is the open source build of Sailfish OS with a open source UI called Glacier, based on Manjaro".

However Nemo Mobile lacks VoLTE, and UI is not as responsive nor smooth as SailFishOS.

We do have SailFishOS already being ported and installed on Volla 22 phones; might as well, let us have PinePhone Pro experience too.

Do you have any proof for this claim? Because, on Pinephone (Pro) hardware, the OS relays telephony functionality to the modem firmware, which handles VoLTE perfectly fine in many networks.


I don’t have a proof, that Nemo lacks VoLTE capability, nor I was aware that PinePhone Pro handles VoLTE on the modem’s firmware. That explains why PinePhone Pro Manjaro Mobile Plasma OS has no option to enable VoLTE, and never had cellular network issue.

However, while I had Nemo on the PinePhone Pro running from an uSD card, cellular networking was not available. Nor I saw a VoLTE option, which I know now that is not related of the OS being able to connect to the cellular network.

I will give it another test, Nemo OS on the PinePhone Pro. That means Ubuntu Touch should work too on the phone.

I thank you for this valuable information, that surely will help in trying out other OS on the PinePhone Pro.

Just checking you’re aware that the PinePhone is a community based project that has beta type operating systems, and anything that is ported to work on the PinePhone is done through volunteer work in the community? Some of it’s operating systems work well as the community for that OS is large, however, some OS’s don’t have that support - even though the project has been going for some time, and some of the main OS’s are getting more refined, many people still will not use the phone as their daily driver.

Here is info on the VoLTE: PinePhone - PINE64
Some people report that carriers block the phone.

My advice for trying any OS would be to try obtain a phone that has the most support/functionality as opposed to a one-stop-shop phone, as you may only be disappointed with the result. The PinePhone is great, however, to give you a taste of each OS, and certainly has its place for emerging/hobbiest OS’s.

All the best.