Pictures / Gallery / SDCard

Maybe this is a silly questions but I (the general user) has some expectation. At least some basics should just work. Here we go:

  • I installed SFOS freshly on a Xperia XA2 device.
  • Inserted a SDCard → Format / Encrypt → mounted
  • Configured the Camera App to save photos on the SDcard
  • Took a photo.
  • but the gallery app does not show the picture

What is going wrong here?

(I intentionally did not list the weird workarounds used now)


Hey. Maybe this could help …

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First install Utilities on your smartphones. And clean the indexation database.
If this solution does not work, open a terminal as simple user (no need to be root) via the developper mode or a ssh connection and
try this :

tracker daemon -k
tracker daemon -s

The clean operation needs “some” time. All depends of the number of pictures to reindex.
On my X10ii for around 13000 pictures it can take 15 minutes. But for a xa2 is more long.

In my case the same happened. But next day I woke up and they where shown. Maybe it had to index them or create the thumbnails or something.

Also check if your memory is still mounted. Maybe your external memory is not mounted and you need to mount it.

Thank you all for your input but my concerns are more on the usability layer.

It does not matter how long I wait after a reboot and a mount of the SDcard.
The data miner does not catch up. Imagine a family member uses a SFOS based phone?

So, the friction should be as minimal as possible.

Its okay?, when the encryption of the SDcard forces an additional step after a reboot (mounting). That can be explained to the ordinary user.

For the data miner I came across with a “desktop button” (user point of view) → (.desktop file), that executes “systemctl --user restart tracker-miner-fs”.

Speak, its a two-step workflow now but this should be resolved in future releases (ping).


systemctl --user restart tracker-miner-fs-3