Picture Resizer App?

Pictures captured by the camera are 1 - 4 MB. Sometimes I would only need a small file (max 150 KB) that I can send immediately by email and delete afterwards again.

Is there an app/way to do this? E.g. resize 800 x 600 and compress as jpeg. Thanks.

Imageworks should do that.
But for a more automated flow, maybe you just found an idea for an app you could make.

what @attah said, beat me to it, was just typing out the same response. Image Magick also, but the version on Openrepos is for armv7hl only.

Hi friends,
apart from Imageworks I also created ImgOrganizer a while ago and put it on Openrepos. While it may not be the fastest, it offers to create albums. By long-pressing an album (or folder), you can now batch-resize all images. Same goes for multi-selected images: after selecting multiple images in an album, long-press on any image and select RESIZE, then chose either height or width and it will be scaled up proportionally.
And last but not least, if you open an image in full-screen mode, there are a some editing tools like RESIZE available, too.