Picture password

I have asked about this yet on the old forum, it seems there has been no progress around this.
Since Jolla finally implemented encryption which is kind of lacky but there are informations that it will be improved. We still need improved locking mechanism for the phones as pincode and fingerprint are not safe enough.
I suggest to use the same solution as BBOS 10 had which can be seen here: BlackBerry 10 Picture Password Walkthrough - YouTube
There were already conversation about it here:
[Feature request] Picture Password - together.jolla.com

A special warning, please do not confuse this with Android picture password which is very very weak, it’s totally different thing.


I saw the YT film and agree to you. Very nice idea!

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NICE!!! :smiley:

To someone who has no idea what is going on it looks very random in the video!
A lot better than typing numbers or drawing lines!

Good idea! :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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