Phonecall unlocks phone

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100 %
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Not sure

  1. Somebody does a phone call to my phone.
  2. I take the phonecall
  3. The person hangs up
  4. My phone is unlocked without me typing in the code or using the fingerprint

That means. Anybody who has my phone can just call my phone to unlock it without me being there. No code or fingerprint is needed. This needs to be fixed.

I have not tested if this also appears when I myself hang up instead of the other person.

Maybe others who own the X10 can say if they have the same issue?

Couldn’t reproduce. XA2 thow.
May be depends on the lock screen timeout and other display settings?
Did you try to change them?


I’m using the settings that there should be no delay, the phone gets usually locked immediately.

I couldn’t reproduce this bug either on Xperia 10.
Do you have patches applied via patchmanager e.g.?

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Is the phone already locked at this stage?
If yes, it should remain locked - phone app can be used, but switching to anything else requires unlocking.

Device should not get locked during active call, so that for example display getting blanked due to phone being placed at ear does not count as trigger for “immediate locking.”

After the call ends (regardless of which end terminates the call), automatic locking rules apply again.

Which would be correct if the phone was unlocked when the call started…

… but the next time display blanks, phone should get locked.

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I just tested it with my XA2, 4.3. If the phone is locked it stays locked.

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Sry for the late replay. No I don’t have patchmanager in use. Never heard of it before.

@sebix Do you have the same issue?

Yes it’s locked and black screen.

I’ve tried out again now but I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Back then it happened again and again. I did not update or anything. Maybe it is a rare bug that only appears in a special situation and after restart is gone. Hm.

PS: I just noticed that I should have written one post where I reply to everyone instead of this 3 posts. Next time I’ll do.

Are you sure that it was locked?

In Settings → Device lock → Automatic locking, do you have “No delay” or something else?


  • There are two levels of locking: screen lock and device lock
  • With “No delay” device lock option → both are locked whenever display is turned off (except during active call)
  • With “(after) N minutes” option → it becomes possible to have device unlocked even if screen is locked - which looks just the same as having both locks active, difference is: attempt to dismissing lockscreen requires entering lock code when device lock is active

Use of “N minutes” option could make the original problem description = as expected. Whereas use of “No delay” option would mean that there are problems somewhere.

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Thanks for your detailed answer.

I always use the option “No delay”. I have never changed it, just because of the issue to try out. And yes I’m sure that it was locked before. I did try a few times (a month ago) to be sure that this a bug and not just me and I could reproduce it. But now I can’t anymore. Did try again and the screen gets locked as it should. Idk why it happened back then.

I’ve tagged this as “pending”, however if anyone experiences this again, it would be helpful if you could let me know so I can remove the tag (or just remove it directly if you can).