Phone numbers beginnig 0100 nnnn (Bank card close service) does not work. Dialer-->nro-> Call says Give number (again,again) --looping)

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III


phone numbers beginnig 0100 0555 (OP Bank card close service) does not work.
(same with +358 100 0555)
Dialer–>nro-> Call says Give number (again,again…)
It’s not starting call.

(Might it be same with number 112 (Hätäkeskus) , have not tested ?? )

I did successfully call 112 with SFOS phone in Germany once (4.2 or 4.3)

Please don’t test that one, as it should be used only in real emergencies. I have called several times 112 in Finland, so I’m quite confident it works.


I couldn’t replicate this with Elisa/FI; same device and SFOS (and locale :slight_smile:). Perhaps your SIM card blocks some category of service numbers?

I tested this with the same device and OS version and couldn’t replicate. My service provider is DNA, but if you want to share yours, we may be able to rule some factors out.

back to business… little busy, after episode for a while used an other phone.
Now time to check and the reason for dialer not working seems to be some kind of stuck/jam.
Also normal People->name->call dialling didn’t work (just doing nothing). Other apps worked normally.
After booting phone everything seems to work normal,
also 0100nn numbers. So, sorry - the result – there is no acute problem.

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