Phone has been stolen

Is there any thing I can do if my phone has been stole??

It depends what you want. You can report the issue to the authorities.
If you’ll buy another one you can try to transfer the license by contacting Jolla.

You can use full encryption in the future. Internal and SD if you use one. IIRC there is some tracking software available intended for this use. You can even delete the content remotely IIRC.

Something similar happened to me 2 years ago. I lost some pictures and other content since my last backup files transfer from X.
No big loss luckily apart from €. But very annoying. I also had very bad experience from authorities as they didn’t even want to file a report but I insisted. I guess I was wasting time from both of us as nothing happened.
So in the end I bought XA2 which started to behaved very badly even before warranty expired. Currently waiting the seller to close the case. 11 days to go ;).

Good luck.

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No, there is nothing built-in for end users to localize, lock or wipe a stolen device. You need to have scripts running on your mobile, or an ISP that gives your an IPv6.
You can continue the discussion started here, and see here for a script to get GPS coordinates using OpenCellID (I don’t know if it still works).


This all does not help if the internet connection is off (by pulling your SIM card out). Normally this is done immediately. Means you could implement a offline timeout check on your next phone?

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