Phone continues to activate the incoming call while on a call beeps even after call is answered and completed

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DESCRIPTION:You are on a call, incoming call occurs (call waiting , party line ect) the UI shows the contact page and you hear the audible double beep beep sound. You select to answer the new call and drop the call you are on. After all call hang up the audible beep beep sound continue and never stops. The beeping sound will continue even if you make a new call. As soon as you hang the new call the beep sounds continue, its doing it while I tap out this bug report. The only way that I can seem to stop it is to reboot the phone. I will try to reset tge ui with the system utils to see if that works. I has been beeping for an hour…and it happen every time a incoming call comes in while on a call if the call is answered.



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is that the phone and os do the very basics of what a phone os should do.


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having the same issue. anyone ?

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Haha, yes. did not notice it was during a call with a second one coming in. Did happen two weeks ago. The circumstances are rare but it did happen a few times. Had to restart the phone. I will try to trigger this bug at some point.

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