Phone app stops making calls sometimes

Sometimes (usually after I receive a call) the phone app loses the ability to make or receive a call.
When you go into your call list or contact list and tap on an entry to make a call, the phone GUI just sits there.
If you reboot the handset, then the problem goes away for a few days at least.
Rebooting any of the services from Settings seems not to have the same effect.

This is on an Xperia 10 III with but the issue was present in the version before that too.
The problem didn’t seem to be there when I started using Sailfish on the phone several months ago but appeared a bit later on.

The network is O2 in the United Kingdom.

Has anyone experienced similar?

I experienced the problem a few times as well lately, same model, and only reboot fixes it. I’ve now taken to daily reboots of my phone to fix such problems. Not ideal, but I’m stuck with SFOS so gotta make the best out of it.

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A few times… especially if something goes awry with a call.

Is this with or without VoLTE?

Why would they?

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Ah well, at least it’s not just me and my network settings, by the look of it.

Yes, it seems to happen if you get the phone just as it’s going to voicemail for example.

Well, it does have a network service that you can restart but it’s not clear whether it has anything to do with calls, 4G or just VLAN.

In Settings, I have 4G calling (beta) enabled under Mobile Network.
That does look as though it might complicate things.
I’ve disabled that to see if that cures it.
Thanks for the suggestion!

I want to note on here that, although it’s a little early to say for sure, turning off 4G calling and restarting the phone seems to have cleared the issue.