Phone app: recent calls not scrolled to top on first opening

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): random, 10%
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia 10
UI LANGUAGE: Slovenian
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): no (been happening since I got Xperia 10)


When I open the Phone app, the latest call is only partially visible on the screen


Unknown, happens randomly


  1. Open Phone app

Refinement of steps (thanks to @teleshoes for the comment below).

  1. pkill voicall-ui
  2. voiceall-ui -prestart
  3. receive a phone call
  4. open voicecall-ui, top displayed call is the second item in the list


See the latest call fully


See screenshot, have to scroll down to fully see the latest call



After the whopping two years, it is still present on On both XA2 Ultra and 10 III.

In my case, the topmost entry is not “partially visible” but actually not visible at all. It takes manually scrolling up to reveal it.


Are you using any patches/modifications? I can not reproduce this on my 10Ii

Had this for don’t know how long.
Didn’t bother to report, since I don’t think J will bother to fix it.

PS No modifications other than the keyboard digits row, which probably doesn’t matter here.

Not me, and I have the problem on Xperia 10 III now, too.

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It seems to happen on first app start only and 100% reproducible using lipstick restart, weirdly enough if you restart lipstick and use the Exec line from .desktop file (/usr/bin/sailjail – /usr/bin/voicecall-ui) to start it from terminal the bug doesn’t appear, but first start from icon will trigger it again still


Could reproduce this way. Is that true for everyone here? Or does it also happen for you on subsequent starts?

@ender could you incorporate these steps into the first post, at least as optional, if those are not required for you?

I recognize this. I can’t reproduce it, but I know it happens when I tap on a missed call which opens the phone app. EDIT: I just missed a call, tapped on the phone number which opened the phone app but it was scrolled to the top. Hmmm, I know I’ve seen this behavior from time to time, but I don’t remember when :slight_smile:


I can’t edit the first post any more, but it does seem that the problem happens on first application start.

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For me it definitely happens not just on the first start but also on subsequent launches. I reboot the device very rarely but I see this behaviour if not daily then at least every couple of days.

Can confirm, X10 III, not scrolled but on the first start only.

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Does lipstick crash for you from time to time? (meaning all applications close, you see a spinning circle,… Until it restarts)

Might also be triggered when returning to the app after 10min in background (and device not going to sleep as it’s using timer instead of background jobs EDIT: nope, doesn’t seem to happen when the view returns to callhistory), there is some workaround in the qml of voicecall-ui for bug involving header, but it seems to not work on first start from icon (prestart might be involved? Can’t trigger the bug from terminal)

No, it doesn’t. I have an application running all the time minimized to a cover and I don’t remember ever having seen it closed.

Doesn’t need a whole lipstick crash, ‘killall voicecall-ui’ will generate a fresh ‘voicecall-ui -prestart’ process and the bug is back

When it happens next time can you check the date on the process ‘/usr/bin/voicecall-ui -prestart’, since you reboot rarely it should show a date instead of time on ‘ps aux’ (might need to remove busybox-symlinks-procps as the busybox ps doesn’t show start time)

I’ve just checked and its start time was 22:56, even though I did not reboot the phone for days. So clearly the process sometimes gets restarted without a reboot.

After some more observations, I guess I can confirm that this issue happens only on the first launch of voicecall-ui -prestart. After a few days of not having it, yesterday I needed to restart lipstick to activate a patch in Patchmanager (which seems to have restarted voicecall-ui -prestart as well) and voila! the first call I got after that wasn’t scrolled.

AH, thats it, its only at initial launch.
i have been faintly irritated by this for THREE YEARS, especially because you cannot tell that its not at the top at first glance.

can confirm these steps to reproduce:

  1. pkill voicall-ui
  2. voiceall-ui -prestart
  3. receive a phone call
  4. open voicecall-ui, top displayed call is the second item in the list