Phone and People apps are hanging


Version : Sailfish OS 2.1

Build :

Since a few days, my Intex aquafish phone app is not able to run. People app is also not able to run. This needs explanation. When I start call app, the app cannot finish reading, remains busy and does not come up, but still lets me pull down and dial a number and call does go. But it does not show any contacts.I can call only numbers I know by heart. In people app,I can add contact, but no feedback whether it got added. I cannot search for contacts. In messages, contacts names do not appear. I can receive messages and send messages if I know number.

Basically I understand apps are unable to read contact database. I connected to phone in Dev mode, copied contacts.db (/home/nemo/Documents/Comm/Contacts.db) over to desktop, read it, exported tables. No error. I did a “pragma integrity_check” on the database in-place (ssh session), also OK.

What else I can do? Any suggestions, thanks in advance.

P Bhat