Phone and People app hanging - Sailfish OS 2.1

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Version : Sailfish OS 2.1

Build :

Since a few days, my Intex aquafish phone app is not able to run. People app is also not able to run. This needs explanation. When I start call app, the app cannot finish reading, remains busy and does not come up, but still lets me pull down and dial a number and call does go. But it does not show any contacts.I can call only numbers I know by heart. In people app,I can add contact, but no feedback whether it got added. I cannot search for contacts. In messages, contacts names do not appear. I can receive messages and send messages if I know number.

Basically I understand apps are unable to read contact database. I connected to phone in Dev mode, copied contacts.db (/home/nemo/Documents/Comm/Contacts.db) over to desktop, read it, exported tables. No error. I did a “pragma integrity_check” on the database in-place (ssh session), also OK.

What else I can do? Any suggestions, thanks in advance.

You could try reinstalling the Phone app and the People app one by one. This does not and should not affect your contacts, they should stay intact.

Thanks for the reply.

I see no option to re-install the app. This app is not among the apps listed in the Store app.

In settings, I see no option to re-install.

I thought you might say that…you have to do it through terminal, so Developer Mode needs to be set with a password;

In terminal;

To remove app;

devel-su pkcon remove jolla-contacts

To reinstall app;

devel-su pkcon install jolla-contacts

Do the same for phone app, but replace ‘jolla-contacts’ with ‘voicecall-ui’;

devel-su pkcon remove voicecall-ui


devel-su pkcon install voicecall-ui

In the meanwhile, I have reset the device, re-updated and the applications are coming up.

I had created a backup of data. I restored data. But contacts did not get restored.

I also have contacts.db and commhistory.db. Is there a way I can feed this data to above apps ?

I do not know the innards of sailfish, but know my way in Linux and command line.

Thanks all the same.

also, can you tell me where this data is located in the file-system ?