Performance problems without wifi on XA2?


I’m happy with my XA2 sailfish, (In general, except the lack of applications everything is really good) and the performance is good while I’m in my house. But something happen when I leave my house, the UI performance (I think the code is runing fine and smothly) sometimes is being degraded a lot. Like writing a message in whatsapp write the phrase, it’s not updated, try to leave the app and you cannot leave it, block and unblock updated with all the text, like nothing happend. (The problem is not only with android apps, with pure-maps or other apps, happens exactly the same)

I’m alone with this issue?


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Not as heavy as you say but mine have performamce issues too when there’s no wifi available. Laggish keyboard, poor graphics performance…

It feels, the problem is android.

I don’t know what do you think about that.

Just to elaborate, are you meaning when you disconnect from wi-fi and switch to cellular data, the device performs worse overall?

I do believe I’ve experienced issues when this exact event occurs. I personally disable cellular or wifi based on what I’m using at the time. The existing network stack seems to use a lot of resources very inefficiently right now.

is not at the moment of change, is when you are in cellular data,

Also I see android applications tell me there is no internet conection if I’m in celular data (for example, I cannot download a picture from whatsapp) but I can send an receive messsages.

As @WedgeStratos wrote disabling wifi when on data helps. I’ve not seen any difference with or without android support.

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Ok, I will take it in considerations.


I can confirm such issues on my Xperia XA2 Dual-Sim running on SFOS
I am experiencing massive keyboard input lags und overall UI lags, e.g. during scrolling, when the phone is connected to cellular data and WIFI is enabled. Disabling WIFI immediatelly resolves the massive keyboard lags.

last week, I was in germany, with roaming, and the problem complettly disapeared for me. I only remembered that problem when I come back!