People application failed

I have newly installed sailfish OS and do find it good overall but I do have a couple of issues.

  1. People stopped working. I have tried all the programs in system to try to resolve but i just get a blank screen.
    2.How do you download from APKpure? Any downloads i do just fail.

Do you have any patches or other mods? Not sure why People would not work? Maybe try ‘zypper in -f jolla-contacts’ in terminal.

If you’re using the Sailfish browser to try to download, don’t be surprised if there’s problems, especially with a site full of ads, etc. Try with an Android browser…

I’m using the Aurora store for apk-Downloads. There is also a apkpure-app available but I’ve never tried that…

No its just a fresh installation. lt stopped working mid contacts. I have installed another contact app and it sees the ones from people.
Not too familiar with the system so dont really know how to use terminal.

because people is not working, the phone app has no contacts. Really need to have this sorted.

google :slight_smile:

enable developer mode, then you have a terminal
then start people app from terminal and you can see the errors in terminal

Just enable developer options in Settings, and a Terminal app will appear on your phone. Open it, and type ‘devel-su zypper in -f jolla-contacts’. It will ask for a password. The password is set by you in developer tools under Remote Access…

still not responding after using terminal. Is there a customer help line for Jolla. Will i need to reinstal?

Sounds to me like one of the contacts databases (contacts.db, commhistory.db) is locked. strace might help in that case:

$ strace -f -o /tmp/xyz jolla-contacts

If I’m right, the file /tmp/xyz you will show blocked system calls or polling on a locked resource.

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Managed to get it by going to apps in settings and trying it from there. All working okay. Thanks for the help.
On another note. I tried the Aurora APK app but cant seam to log in.
What other app stores to people use. Looking for a good bitcoin trading and a wallet similar to coinbase.