PCloud cloud storage

Hello everyone, I’m a new SFOS user in Switzerland, in the process of finding how to move all my essential things to SFOS on a Sony XA2.
I see there are options to add several cloud storage accounts for backup or other purposes. I see no provision for adding unspecified cloud accounts.
A couple of years ago I bought a 500GB lifetime subscription to what is considered a secure cloud storage from a Swiss provider called “PCloud”. It can be accessed by web page or by an android app.
Is there any way I can add Pcloud as a default cloud account to my SFOS phone?

depend… i m ag a provider called ocloud
i can connect tö ig using nextcloud account type

Thanks Pawel, I’ll try that!

Also, rclone works on SailfishOS. That’s how I used pCloud.

And pCloud supports webdav so the Cargodock app can be used.

I think the Nextcloud implementation is basically webdav.
Thats why I configured it with the webdav credentials of my cloud provider … and it works.

Ghostcloud can also access generic WebDAV shares…

Thank you for your help everyone!