PayPal App does not want to start

Yesterday I updated my PayPal Android App to the latest version (update date in Play Store on 16.09.2022). When I try to start the app by clicking on the app icon I can only see the starting page with the two “P” in the center of the display.

Does anybody know why it does not want to start?

I use an Xperia 10 II and the Sailfish OS version

I did not investigate on why it does not work, but if you use aurora store, you can download a previous build.
On paypal download page: settings → manual download; enter version code 1150077602 (version 8.23.0 built on August 9, 2022).
This one works fine for me with the same setup a yours.

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For me manual download with Aurora Store doesn’t work, since it’s complaining about erroneus or damaged APK.

Did you uninstall paypal prior to install an older version?

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I wasn’t aware it is necessary.

Thank you for this tip with the previous version from Aurora. Now it is working again.

Now latest update to Paypal ver. 8.35.0 (1150078803) works on my phone (10 III,