PayPal App does not want to start

Yesterday I updated my PayPal Android App to the latest version (update date in Play Store on 16.09.2022). When I try to start the app by clicking on the app icon I can only see the starting page with the two “P” in the center of the display.

Does anybody know why it does not want to start?

I use an Xperia 10 II and the Sailfish OS version

I did not investigate on why it does not work, but if you use aurora store, you can download a previous build.
On paypal download page: settings → manual download; enter version code 1150077602 (version 8.23.0 built on August 9, 2022).
This one works fine for me with the same setup a yours.

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For me manual download with Aurora Store doesn’t work, since it’s complaining about erroneus or damaged APK.

Did you uninstall paypal prior to install an older version?

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I wasn’t aware it is necessary.

Thank you for this tip with the previous version from Aurora. Now it is working again.