Patchmanager patches in Koli 4.0.1

The above patchmanager3 build is now available in chum too, but only for 4.0 and 4.1 sailfish versions.

My understanding is that 3.4 was the one introducing the change in the location of systemd units (/lib → /usr/lib) but it was and 4.0 that broke the compatibility.

So this build is not compatible with Sailfish OS 3.3 or earlier for sure.

I would like to get feedback if you used either the version from Index of /obs/home:/b100dian:/patchmanager or the one from chum with Sailfish OS 4.0 and 4.1 and if you had any issues (except the sailjail one, let’s take that separately).

I’d like to propose a version bump for the sfos4 branch (e.g pm3.1) to distinguish between the two based on this info.


Yes, see the SFOS 3.4.0 release notes, section “Technical changes” (second bullet point there).

… for many Patchmanager Patches: Yes.
And it introduced additional issues for the Patchmanager proper.

Just installed the busybox version in my Xperia X. And modified /etc/firejail/whitelist-common.local as proposed above.

Before reboot, I was able to install patches from the web catalog, but I could not apply installed patches by tapping the bullet before the patch name in the patch list. I had to use the apply in the context menu. And Restart preloaded services didn’t work.
But after reboot it works as expected. And patches also firejailed apps, like calendar. But clicking the patch name does not open patch info but gives an error, if the patch does not come with main.qml.

Thanks @hsjpekka for the info - so if I understand correctly you had one issue with the first run (which I agree did not test for some time) and another with the clicking the patch name - do you know if that used to work in sfos 3.4 differently (no device to test) - i.e. is it a new or existing bug?

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Yes. In more detail: before rebooting, tapping the list bullet tried to open main.qml - just like tapping the patch name. After reboot, touching the bullet applied the patch - as expected.
In earlier PM-version, tapping the patch name opened the patch info if main.qml wasn’t available. Can’t remember if this broke with sfos 3.4 or 4.0.

Patchmanager 3.1.0 has been released Patchmanager3 for SailfishOS 4


Please, can you upload to Web catalog as some kind of fork of coderus original patch?

Maybe, i’m on 4.3 and it isn’t working anymore.

By the way, could someone tell me how to create a patch file? I’m doing something wrong, because i always get a file not found error, when using my created unified patch file. Must be something about wrong paths in the file…

Are you using Windows when writing the patch? Line ends are different in linux & windows, and PM doesn’t check that.
[Edit:] I haven’t tested with the current PM version, but it gave me “file not found”-errors, if I made a patch in qtcreator and didn’t use notepad++ (or vi) to change the line endings to unix style.

That’s weird. On my 4.3 it works flawlessly.

Are you perhaps affected by

Miau, can you update this link, too? It doesn’t work.

Which link do you mean?

I figured it out myself, got these 3 patches working again in 4.3.

Launcher combined
No home caroussel[fork]
Enhanced lockscreen

I’ll look into how to put these into the webcatalog.

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Sorry, I mean link to your update of No home carousel. You published it in February.

I just uploaded it to the web catalog.

Sorry, the first release in web catalog wasn’t working, new version should be fine.


Web Catalog says it was compatible with, I cannot imagine that’s true, is it?

Thank you, set it to 4.2.

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Thanks for all forks. Perfect.
I wish you enough time and willingness for maintaining these forks as long as it could ;-).

Could someone also please make the ‘Animation settings’ patch compatible with 4.3? Being able to adjust the speed of many animations is really useful.