Patches by Okxa

Feedback thread for some patches I maintain.

Patches on Web Catalog: Okxa projects
Sources (only diff files + extra files if patch needs them): Okxa/okxa-sfos-patches: Holds my patches for Sailfish OS. -

Patches I maintain:

If you have any suggestions or bugs feel free to post here. You can also post issues on the git repo, so they stay in sync with the patches.

I will try to update the patches if they stop working, but I tend to stay on older versions quite a while, so it might be a while until I get around to updating them.


I’ll just add here that the new Topmenu Control Redux patch was made on SFOS, and I have not yet upgraded to 4.6, so I have no idea if it works on it. Theoretically it could if the files have not changed between.