Patch Manager warning label to add?

I think that this can be interesting


Considering how Patch Manager works the Web Catalog need a third label related to a flag: TESTING. With such flag ON the related label will be shown and users will be informed that the developer / modder is going to change the package associated as many times as s/he needs to for the time as long as s/he need to. There is an option in Patch Manager that set the developer mode, the TESTING patches will show up only when that mode will be enabled.


A quick way¹ to add this TESTING feature is to add a testing version like into the version management. That version could be enforced only in Patch Manager developer mode with strict version check disabled - not something that the end-user will do or s/he will do acknoledged that s/he takes some risks. The only other change to make is to extend forever the timeout for uploading a new archive on such testing version.

¹ the inspiration came from @carmenfdezb, here:

Thanks to @nephros the issue has been submited to the right place

Thus, I provided them also a bug report about a misbehaviour that I noticed