Parse error when running qmake in ambience template

I am trying to build an ambience based on the template available in QtCreator. For some reason I get this parse error when running qmake. Any ideas why that happen?

error: line 21: Unknown tag: %_ambience_requires
error: query of specfile /home/klarre/dev/sailfish/build-ambience-test-SailfishOS_4_4_0_58_aarch64_in_Sailfish_SDK_Build_Engine-Release/.sfdk/spec failed, can't parse

I’m no Q expert, but would probably be helpful for anyone who wants to help to see the file contents… If there really is nothing wrong with line 21, maybe there is some syntax error before or after that(?)

I was working on a set of ambiences and have jet to see that error. But I get a ton of errors related to translations :slight_smile: