Parental control in Sailfish? Alternative to MS Family Safety, Google Family Link,

Hi! I am looking to manage screen time, allow and block apps, browsing … for my kids Sailfish os phone. Like it is possible to do with MS Family Safety, Google Family Link etc.
Are there any solution to do this?

Or… Maybe just log in to the phone with a restricted account, which can be managed from admin account?

Thank you!

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Isn’t the new users feature more or less what you ask for???

No. At least not yet. For example, no Android support. Show me a kid that is happy wo Android apps. ATM, I disable fpd and change the lock code (via ssh). Moving the Android storage diretory doesn’t really work.

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I was a happy kid without any Android apps :wink:
Joke aside, what are the mandatory apps for a kid nowadays? I know there are a few education/puzzle apps in OpenRepos, have you tried any of those?

There was a patch or app for parental control.

I have no idea if it still works, but there is this Kids mode patch.

I would have thought inflicting a SF phone on your kids would be pretty self limiting.
What can you do on one that kids would want to spend time doing? Certainly none of my kids are volunteering to use dads cool SF phone!

I use the router to limit sites and usage times.

Aside from that, Defender might help with restricting web site access. (unfortunately no longer installing as of

I had the impression that defender stopped working already before the 3.4 update. At least then it could still be installed and the GUI be run, but it seemed to be ineffective.

On Defender works like a beast and as it should. (notencrypted)
From 3.3 on and the default home encryption it is not good to have it installed as it blocks booting process. Same counts for devices where encryption was added later.
But I do not know that it did not work?

What is the error message?

I removed it before upgrade (per warnings).
As I did for 3.3, but it did reinstall and work that time.

Defender won’t install in storeman. (says installing, nothing more happens)

It made an enormous difference to the ability of the browser to actually work. Shame NoDevel isn’t active, I think that a block list is core system functionality (especially when your web browser is always going to be trailing behind)


In SailfishOS 3.4 you can create new user with restrictions. For example without right to call and send SMS, Look at multiusers feature in newest version of OS.
Leszek made nice video about this feature

You could also use adguards familysafe dns server or something equally