Page._depth broken in SFOS 4.x?

Has anyone any information why it doesn’t work now (most commonly used in pageStack.find) or a replacement/workaround?

I don’t know exactly what this property does/used to do, but properties starting with an underscore are generally considered internal API, i.e. we shouldn’t rely on them. I know there may be cases where there’s no way around it; what were you trying to achieve?

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In the forum viewer managed to workaround with searching for property (pagename didn’t seem to work), but hoping to fix Neliapila there you have same page spawned multiple times when you follow a thread so you have postsPage on top of postsPage on top of… etc with just a subset of relevant posts and need to find the first page (the one with all posts), _depth < 2 was useful as they have all the same properties/names etc

First of all, you can set the objectName property of a component and use it to identify instances later (not just pages).

In this specific case, I’d add a global property property Page mainThreadPage in the main QML file (probably harbour-neliapila.qml) which has to be updated once a thread is opened. You can then call pageStack.replaceAbove(mainThreadPage<...>) to go back to this page. (Assuming there can only be one thread active at a time… I don’t know the app ;).)

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