OSM Scout Server: 3.0.0 release

I have just released new version of OSM Scout Server: 3.0.0. New maps are also out.

Changelog: Release 3.0.0 · rinigus/osmscout-server · GitHub
Announcement: 3.0.0 release · Discussion #416 · rinigus/osmscout-server · GitHub

New maps are incompatible with the old server version as well as old maps are incompatible with the new server. So, if you update the server, you would have to update the maps as well.

I have also opened Github discussions - feel free to discuss the release over there. Should allow users from different platforms to communicate.

For Sailfish OS, update is available via Chum.


Thank you for the update, refreshing maps as we speak.

required the changes in map visualization style used by the clients

Does Pure Maps 3.1.1 already have these changes?

The server styles are served from the server directly. So, clients (Pure Maps and others) don’t have to be updated. Pure Maps is going to be updated to use new features (such as location bias and localization of the basemap), but that is a separate release which will come later.


Great ! Thanks a lot.
Just a question before i install this new version :slight_smile: is it necessary to delete the old maps ?
Thanks a lot !

No, you can keep old maps and later use cleanup function in OSM Scout Server.

Thanks a lot ! It is just because for France, maps = ~ 4Go on µSD card :wink:

If you wish, you could also remove the old ones before.

Too late :wink: I launch the update of new maps ! I will clean later.

Thanks @rinigus ! Update went well on Volla and map did update also fast. Looks great now!

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Thanks for the update.
OSM Scout Server 3.0.0-1.7.1
with pure maps 3.1.1-1.7.1
on Xperia 10 III, SFOS

(nothing more - no moaning - really :slight_smile: - individual cause for sure)
Even the new maps are labled as incompatible in my case.

What I did:
I unsubscibed the old maps, did the cleanup, then the update of scout server and the new maps subscription and download.

The new maps are labled as incompatible, what’s the most likely reason for them not working for me right now.
(When I finally went offline while testing :wink: ) I was checking areas that should be covered by offline maps and no details were shown. (Profile ‘offline’ was chosen - that I can rule out as cause)


Most probably you have a server daemon with the old version running after an update. OSM Scout Server has 2 applications - GUI and daemon - that communicate via DBus. The daemon could have stayed running after you cleaned all the maps (it waits for idle timeout) and made an update.

So, you have to stop the daemon (kill via cmd line or check if it is stopped) and then update the remaining map components (incompatible maps were not downloaded). Note that daemon will not stop unless you close server GUI and Pure Maps (clients connected via DBus).

Let me know if it helped.

Note that the corresponding issue has been opened (check in GUI that the daemon is of the same version) and I will look into it.


First of all: now everything works as expected.

I guess you were right (old deamon still running) because no matter how often I removed and downloaded the maps again, there was no change up until … I gave up… so I eventually hit the 30min timeout…and now all is good…next attempt for downloading maps was successful - no more incompatible maps.

thx again
very impressive piece of SF software

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