Option to turn off geo location for Sailfish Browser

As per the title, every time I want to search something, I go for Google. Upon opening the browser, the page is swept aside and I am presented with a page asking to allow/show my location to Google. I don’t particularly wish for Google to know my location, please disable this or make it an option in Sailfish Browser settings, it really is truly annoying.

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Use startpage.com. This is a frontend for google search with some less BS. Or use qwant.com as a frontend for bing search. duckduckgo.com is mainly a frontend for bing with some additions from other sources. See their websites for more information about privacy.

Then edit your etc/hosts file and direct google.com to localhost. You will get a new and better internet experience :wink:


This is a feature request, not a question about other browsers.

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So it’s browser dialog? (I can’t reproduce, as i’m signed in)
I guess you can turn off location requests globally in about:config (i.e. allowing sites to ask for location at all).
The setting in question seems to be called geo.enabled.


Thanks @attah, that did the trick. I will leave this feature request as I don’t think entering configuration scripts is suitable for end users. But, at least for now, I am no longer being asked to set location every time I use Google search.

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Maybe you should send this request to google and not to all browsers in the world, as they all behave in the same way.
What setting are you thinking of? “disable google.com asking for location”?
the google site should keep the setting with a cookie. Are you in private-mode?

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Quite right, my question was badly formulated, question title reformatted.

Did so on my laptop! Sites/Homepages are now loading with (felt) double speed.

edit: some popular services may work no more.