Opensouce MDM recommendations

Hi everyone, so the sailfishos has been something that has interested me for sometime, after recently dropping my lineageOS phone I now have the perfect excuse to invest in a new device.

I’m interested in other peoples experiences with open source MDM solutions, links or recommendations welcome.

I would also be interested in your feedback for device recommendations, specifically related to an MDM solution.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is MDM related to this : MDM Framework - Sailfish OS ?

Don’t just not yet. I thought the same when I saw that finally Sailfish has encryption. Then I read out that it’s very weak - 6 minutes to break! There’s a patch to improve this so I would wait until that will not get merged.

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Can i ask why you as a private person would be interested in a MDM device? Are you using the device for work and private? Are you sharing the device with other family members? I mean for a company use i can understand it, also if you share it with your family members, like kids f. ex. But what would you need MDM as a singular person? SFOS is MDM compatible, the only thing i read is that not all parts of the device are already ready for different user accounts

Yes is the mobile device management, I’m looking for an open source aoo to connect to the MDM api

That’s interesting to hear thanks for the info.

I work as in information security specialist, so I’m interested in testing and developing secure solutions.


I had the same idea a while ago to ensure same setup and configuration on a small number of SFOS devices. For non-mobile devices we have tons of tools for this purpose. When I looked at it, the MDM was too complicated to set-up, but if I’m not the only one tackling it, I might be in :wink:

I’m interested in running a piece in the newsletter about MDM on Sailfish OS. I’ve not got a timeline or plan yet, but if you all make any progress on this, I’d be really interested to hear more. I’m not sure how helpful I can be with it, but if you think I can, please ask.

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I thought about using MDM earlier this year, after suggestions from @flypig, at this thread.
But didn’t progress much for lack of time, and didn’t get a working “hello world” using the MDM api.
Through my searches I found this (Sailfish OS Web Control), but haven’t tried it, but it does seem a working software using SFOS MDM.

Hey everyone, apologies for the late response, work gets a little hectic at times.
If others are interested in this then maybe we can do something to move it forward.

My first question would be about the hardware requirements, what devices do you currently use?
I am looking to purchase a device soon, and want to ensure that at least I have something that can support SailfishOS, and will be a useful daily driver.

As long as I can make and receive calls, check email, access the internet and access some sort of map functions then I’m good.

I see that the Xperia 10 II support is coming soon, but would look to you guys for recommendation here.

After that I think we can then start to look at what solutions may be applicable, gather details on any open source projects and link them all to the same place.


It’s great to hear you’re looking into hardware. Sailfish OS for the Xperia 10 II is already available and, in my opinion, is a nice choice. It gives you all of the things you mention, plus it’s the most up-to-date official hardware (since it’s official, it means you can get Android App Support with the paid-version of the operating system). It also has the best camera support. But it’s a long tall 21:9 aspect ratio display, so if you prefer a shorter phone you should consider the Xperia XA2 with its 16:9 ratio display.

If you’re not interested in the paid extras (Android App Support, Exchange support, predictive text), then there are lots of ports, but I’ll leave others to recommend something there.

Thanks for the info, its great to hear the 10 ii is available, I like the form factor of this phone, and would be considering the paid version of SailfishOS to support the project.

I’m certainly interested in what other think.